Plot airmass (mirror site)

This form allows you to make a plot of airmass vs. time for a given astronomical target, by specifying either the coordinates, or an object name to be resolved by Simbad or NED.

Choose an observatory, or manual latitude/longitude entry:

  Use UTC  /  Use observatory's local time.

Date for airmass plot (mm-dd-yyyy or 'today'):

Target name:  (Will be resolved by Simbad/NED if no coordinates given below.)

RA (J2000): (decimal or sexigesimal, but must be in hours, not degrees)
Dec (J2000): (decimal or sexigesimal degrees)

Dark background
White background (better for printing)

Maximum airmass to show in airmass plots:  
(Current airmass value of 2.03 is elevation of 29.5 degrees.)

This code was created by Eric Jensen. This page is maintained by Mittelman Observatory at Middlebury College. This tool is part of the Tapir package (upstream primary site, this mirror site) for planning astronomical observations; the source code is freely available.

The upstream primary site includes a more robust set of tools optimized for planning follow-up observations of periodic targets, especially transiting planets.

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